Submission Guidelines

Who can submit?

We accept submissions from all undergraduate JMU students. There are no major or year restrictions.

What can be submitted?

We love to get submissions of all kinds — fiction, essays, installation art, photography — anything you have put your heart into. However, we do ask that no single individual is harassed or slandered in your work. We will also never publish hate speech. Finally, please be aware that we are unable to accept any kind of 'fan art' due to copyright restrictions.

How often can I submit?

Five submissions per person each semester are allowed.  You may submit any combination of work — that means you are not restricted to just art or writing. In addition to these five individual pieces, contributors can submit up to two art series.

Where can I submit?

You can fill out a form on our Submit page or send your submissions to In your email, be sure to include your name, title of your work(s), and the medium you used.  Be sure to email us from your JMU account or we will be unable to accept your piece. 

When you are ready, you can submit here.
Art Submissions Requirements

We ask that all art is sent as JPEGs or TIFFs with a 320 pixels per inch (ppi) resolution or higher.  In your email, please include your name, title of your work, and medium you used.


Artist statements are not required, however we feel they add to experience of visual works. If you do submit an artist statement, please include the medium you worked with, along with the purpose, meaning, and/or inspiration of your piece. We ask that your statement is 500 words or less.

Lit. Submission Requirements

If you are submitting literature, please either copy and paste your submission into the body of your email or attach a Word document or Google Doc. We cannot accept PDFs for formatting reasons.  Please include the medium of your piece (fiction, non-fiction, poetry or otherwise) in your email.


If you are submitting prose (short stories or creative non-fiction) it must be under 2,000 words.  If you are submitting poetry, it must be under 90 typed lines, not including line breaks. Any work of literature exceeding these limits will not be considered.

Make sure to read our publication agreement before submitting.