About Our Staff


Some of our staff members at a weekly meeting2020.


Temper (formerly Gardy Loo) meets every Friday at 5 p.m. on Zoom. We don't have dues, and we accept new members for the first month of each semester. If you're interested in joining, please, drop us a line. 

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You can also connect with us on our BeInvolved page.

What does the Temper staff do?

Temper staff members plan events, review submissions, and design the magazine. Essentially, we handle everything from inception to post-printing. Visit our masthead to find out more about our leadership. 

Who can join?

Any JMU student. We accept all majors and all undergraduates.  You do not need to be a design expert or English major to be part of our publication– any skills you need, we'll teach you.

What are the time requirements?

All Temper staff are required to come to our weekly meetings, with 3 absences allowed per semester. They are also required to serve as a part of our submissions and editorial processes in some capacity.

Why be a part of Temper ?

Besides meeting people with similar interests and a passion for the arts, Temper also offers a chance to learn real life skills. You can add to your design portfolio, develop a keen eye for critiquing quality art and literature, invest yourself in the editorial process, and more. Temper is an opportunity to work on a print publication from start to finish, and make friends along the way.