2017-18 Gardy Loo Leadership

Here at Gardy Loo, we're always moving forward, and with that in mind, we are absolutely ecstatic to welcome our new leadership board! Without further ado, here is the new line-up:

Editor in Chief: Kathryn Walker

Kathryn is an English and Political Science double-major currently in her fourth year at JMU; she gets to stick around longer because she declared a second major in the first semester of her junior year, which is not a recommended course of action. Her talents include writing and organizing, and she enjoys baking when she's not trying to keep what little semblance of control she has at Gardy Loo. Things she cares about are, in no particular order: books, the National Parks System, Earl Grey tea, her brothers, her friends, her cat, the environment, and the Oxford Comma. She is most proud of her work on Copy-Editing Committee and her extensive travel, neither of which she ever shuts up about.

“Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things can not be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one's lifetime.” - Mark Twain

Managing Editor: Marina Shafik

Marina is a senior English major at JMU with minors in Africana Studies and Communication with a cultural focus. She has been a member of Gardy Loo since Fall 2015 and she loves reading, petting dogs, and watching way too many different Netflix shows simultaneously. If you're looking for her on campus, your best bets are Carrier and Keezell Hall, where the English majors live.

Design Editor: Aereen Lapuz

Aereen is a junior Graphic Design major and this year’s Design Editor. She enjoys playing her guitar, watching Asian dramas, and drinking green tea lattés. You may run into her if you find yourself in Duke Hall or the Studio Center (she pretty much lives there). Her favorite thing about working on the magazine is seeing people excited over design.

Assistant Design Editor: Katja Wisch

Katja is a sophomore SMAD major with a concentration in Digital Video and Cinema and a minor in German. One day she hopes to become a known director or cinematographer, but in the meantime she’s drinking tea, listing to Bob Dylan or Bruce Springsteen, and making short films and music videos with her friends. Apart from watching Reservoir Dogs for the thousandth time, she enjoys hanging out with friends and going to as many concerts as possible. Traveling has been a big part of her life, and she hopes to explore new and exciting places in the future.

Public Relations Manager: Isabella Lassiter

Isabella is a sophomore Graphic Design major, who joined Gardy Loo in Spring 2017. Her free time is usually spent finding a new series to watch on Netflix, or roaming around Carrier looking for friends to distract. Isabella is from Richmond, Virginia, where she loves finding the coolest places to eat and new thrift shops to dig through. In Harrisonburg, Isabella works at Greenberry’s Coffee (go say hi!), and can usually be found making up new drinks there. Her side hobby of photography can be seen through the Gardy Loo Instagram page, which you should go follow @jmuGardyLoo!

Events Manager: Jasmine Matos

Jasmine is a junior at JMU studying English with a Creative Writing minor. She has loved writing since she was a young girl and enjoys writing fantasy-themed stories the best. You can probably find her at a table at Starbucks with a book after her shift at the library, or typing an essay accompanied by a grande chai tea. She adores cats, Disney, Elvis Presley, and will probably go up and say hi to you even if you're a stranger.

All of us on leadership this year are excited to try our hand at planning parties, meeting with printing reps, leading design weeks, and emailing and Instagramming and posting as much as we possibly can. Who knows, we may even make a magazine at some point. Here's hoping.

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