Avians: Daisy Wiley

Spring, 2017 Art Series: Avians (Intaglio, Screenprinting, Handwork). Click on the images to see a larger version.

This print series combines a focus in ornithology with unconscious analysis. I worked in a combination of intaglio, screen printing, and hand-drawn imagery in order to achieve a collage-like effect. I aimed to create prints that are indicative of old ornithological sketchbooks, out of a reverence for the medium. The biologist’s sketchbook is a place where the working-out of ideas is apparent. This is where I draw the parallel between the artistic subconscious. There is something beautiful to me about the unrefined, collage of sketches that make up the biological illustrators field book- an object that is usually intimate to the artist themselves and reflects an individual artistic process. I often juxtapose more refined images alongside sketches in order to get a feeling of the process that goes into creating a work- implying that the work isn’t just the finished piece itself but the mental toil and preparation that goes into it.

As well as working with these juxtapositions, I play with a sense of trickery. What looks like tape holding the images in place is actually a type of Japanese paper that is attached with spray adhesive. The ‘sketches’ I compose on the page are in reality labor intensive and have gone through many steps. With some, I will make a drawing and then scan it into the computer, print it out and methodically cut multiples into a desired shape- one that is accidental looking in nature as if ripped out of a book.

These pieces are an eroticization of scientific imagery, where details are given emphasis and a sort of religious significance is imposed upon the, at times, cold brutality of biological study. They invite closer inspection and analysis in their detail- reflecting the study of ornithology itself.

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