Submission changes: Fall 2016

Each semester at Gardy Loo, we strive to make our submission process better and more efficient. This year, we have added art series submissions and placed publishing limits on the magazine. More information is below. If you have any questions, you can email us at or through our contact page.

An image of paints

Art Series Submissions

We are thrilled to say that starting this semester, we will be accepting art series! You may submit a collection of unified art that consists of up to ten pieces. They do not need to necessarily all be the same medium, but they must be united in some way, such as theme or subject matter. We will vote on these pieces as a whole (i.e. if they are accepted, we will not remove or rearrange any of the pieces). You will select one piece to be the "featured image" of the series.*

These art series will be published on our blog instead of within the magazine, for space purposes. There will be a QR code within the magazine to lead readers to the Gardy Loo blog.

You may submit up to two series. These count separately from your five submissions to the print magazine. We will also allow pieces to be included in your series that have already been submitted or published in Gardy Loo in previous years.

It is very important that you submit each of your series as a zip file. Within the file, each individual piece should be named by its title. This is so we can tell the order they should appear.

Series will be selected by the art selection committee, and will be published on the day of the Release Party at the end of the semester.

*Please note that unlike regular art submissions, which we never publish on social media without permission, we retain the right to use the featured image of the series on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We will always credit you, and only use the image to promote the series and drive traffic to the blog.

Publishing Limits

Our goal at Gardy Loo is to showcase many of JMU's talented authors and artists. Starting this semester, we will be enforcing publishing limits within each magazine. Though you may submit up to five pieces, we will only publish three in any given semester. If more than three pieces make it into the magazine, the Pairing Committee (made up of the Selection Committee Heads, the Editor-in-Chief, the Design Editor, and the Managing Editor) will decide which three will be published.

Exceptions may be made for galleries within the magazine, where multiple pieces by the same artist is published on a single spread. The publishing limit does not apply to art series.

Submit your work by Monday, Oct. 3!

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