Meet the 2016-17 Leadership Board!

The 2016-17 members of the Gardy Loo leadership board have been elected! You can read about them and their positions below.


Our editors are in charge of running the day-to-day of the magazine: handling submissions, planning meetings and Design Weeks, creating workshops, and assisting the managers.

Kaitlyn Miller: Editor-in-Chief

Kaitlyn is a SMAD major starting her second year as Editor-in-Chief of this magazine. Her passions include watching Netflix (mostly the Office) drinking coffee and judging people based on their font choices. You can often find her in Carrier spending all her money on Starbucks.

Rachel Owens: Design Editor

When she isn’t frantically running around campus, Rachel can often be found tucked away in the corner of the closest coffeehouse. Her interests range from looking at pictures of cute puppies (mainly corgis) to taking long walks on hiking trails. Nothing calms Rachel down quite like the sound of waves crashing on the ocean or a good piano sonata (her favorite being Chopin’s Nocturne Op. 9 No.2). If you want to instantly be her BFF, look up a few random art history facts online and throw them at her when she leasts expects it (you get bonus points if they are about Vincent Van Gogh).

Katie Walker: Managing Editor

Katie is a JMU English major with a minor in Environmental Humanities. She has been writing since childhood and is always excited to see what her fellow students submit to Gardy Loo every semester. While she lives in Harrisonburg, she can be found anywhere from Scotland to Florida in the summer. Katie loves to travel and has put probably too many miles on her car in pursuit of this passion. She has a cat named Guinyvere—a pretentious spelling of Gwenivere—and two older brothers, all three of whom she loves. However, sometimes the cat is easier to communicate with.

“Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one's lifetime.” – Mark Twain


Our managers run specific aspects of our magazine focused on community and outreach, whether that be through on-campus events or social media.

Marina Shafik: Events Manager

Marina is a junior at JMU as an English major with a double minor in Africana Studies and Communication. She has been a member of Gardy Loo since fall 2015 and she’s excited about being on leadership! You can usually find her in Keezell hall where the English majors live, or in a dining hall smuggling food out in tupperware. She’s also involved in Intervarsity at JMU and she loves reading, sleeping, and superhero movies.

Emily Setelin: Public Relations Manager

Emily is a sophomore Studio Art major with a concentration in photography and is currently the Public Relations Manager for this wonderful magazine. Her talents include being able to sleep anywhere at any time, drinking excessive amounts of Starbucks coffee, binge watching Netflix, and making any situation awkward. Emily is from Richmond, Virginia- one of her favorite places in the world because being around all the hipsters there gives her life. Lastly, thanks to her new position she is now the proud owner of two very artsy Instagrams (that you should go ahead and follow @emmmsett and @jmuGardyLoo).

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