Changes to submissions

Gardy Loo members during a selection committee in the Fall of 2015.

At Gardy Loo, we're always trying to improve our submissions process, to make sure that we're selecting the very best literature and art for the magazine. This year, we've decided to make some changes to literature selection process. Here are the changes for next semester:

1. Prose word count is raised to 2,000 words

We will now accept short stories and creative non-fiction of up to 2,000 words! (As opposed to the 1,500 word limit that we’ve had in the past.) We hope that this longer word limit will allow for writers of prose to better express themselves.

2. Poetry will now be a max of 4 pages, double spaced.

Unfortunately, we have a limited amount of time to judge submissions. In order to compensate for longer prose pieces, we are reducing the maximum length of poems to 4 pages, double spaced, 12 point font (when measuring the length of poetry, we use the font Georgia).

If you have any questions or concerns, you can visit our submit page or contact us!

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