Publication Agreement

By submitting your piece to Temper, you are agreeing to the following Publication Agreement.  Any questions should be emailed to us at or through our contact page.

Printing Agreement

By sending us your piece, you are giving Temper permission to showcase your piece, both in our print magazine and on our website.  We will always attribute your work to you (or your pen name) and copyright will still belong with you.


We retain the right to make minor changes to manuscripts should a writer not come in for copy-editing.  Art pieces may be adjusted for layout and design purposes.

Copyright Agreement

All work must be done by you, and you must be a JMU undergraduate.  By submitting, you are agreeing that all your submissions are original and solely created by you.  Though you are giving Temper the right to print your work, the copyright still belongs to you.


If we discover any piece has been plagiarized from another source, we will retract that piece to the best of our ability, and the author/artist will be banned from submitting in the future. Any form of 'Fan Art' or 'Fan Fiction' counts as plagiarism.

Submission Agreement

Our submissions process is rigorous and highly competitive.

By submitting, you understand that we may reject your submissions for any reason.