About Temper

Who We Are

Temper is a JMU undergraduate literature and arts publication.  We are funded by the JMU Media Board (meaning we don't have dues and we don't have to fundraise) and advised by Dr. Erica Cavanagh of JMU's English department.  We are JMU student-run and feature JMU student art and literature.


Currently, we meet on Zoom every Friday at 5 p.m. We also have an office on South Main Street. Our issues are available for free in the entrances of Rose and Carrier library.  

Our Name

JMU has had a literature and arts magazine for decades, but Temper was not always our name. Up until the Fall of 2019, the magazine was known as Gardy Loo, and in the 90's, our name was Chrysalis. We like to think that this all means we are unafraid of change.


Interested in joining?  Visit our Staff page!